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Now you’ve seen the exhibition why not explore a little deeper using our ‘at home’ resources?
All resources have been designed as PDFs for easy online viewing or simple home printing.
Once completed, we’d love to see the results and find out what you thought:
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Get creative and make your own art inspired by the buildings in the Sights of Wonder exhibition.  Collect textures at home or outside and use these to create an architecture collage- it can be big or small, real or imaginary… it’s up to you!

Skills: looking, reading, talking, thinking

Art skills: looking, textures, colour, shape, scale, using tools and materials, imagination, design, composition

Designed for families and suitable for children of all ages

Supports Key Stage 1 and 2


Victorians in Egypt:

Learn about Egypt, the Victorians and empires through the lens of the prince’s 1862 tour.

Skills: looking, reading, talking, thinking and writing

Designed for children ages 9-14 years

Supports Key Stage 2 and 3 History curriculum


Reflecting on travel – creative writing:

Why not try your hand at creative writing inspired by travel, a central theme in the exhibition?  Our creative writing warm-ups and prompts will inspire and guide you- listen to the audio or download the PDF.

Designed for adults but suitable for children and young people too

Listen to the audio version below, and download the transcript:


Ways of seeing – a Post-colonial toolkit:

Use this accessible toolkit to go back and view the exhibition through the lens of Post-colonial theory. 

Designed for adults but suitable for young people too

Below is a video provided by the Royal Collection Trust which explains the wet collodion photographic process used by Francis Bedford while touring with the prince. As a process it had only been invented in the 1850s, just over 10 years before it was used by Bedford during the Royal Tour with such skill